Ziro Music Festival 2024: Blissful Musical Journey

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Ziro Valley Music Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in India, it brings together musicians from all over the world as well as people from all over the globe.

Lost in music, found in Ziro Valley! 

Imagine you’re amongst rolling green hills in India’s northeast, with cool mountain air filling your lungs and the scent of pine dancing in your nose. Lush rice paddies stretch out before you, their emerald hues grabbing the morning sun. This ain’t some fairytale – it’s Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, and it’s about to steal your heart.

Ziro Music Festival

But Ziro Valley isn’t just a nature lover’s paradise. Every year, this sleepy town explodes into a vibrant hub of music during the Ziro Festival of Music. Indie bands, local folk artists, and international talents all converge here, creating a unique soundscape that floats through the misty mountains. It’s a festival unlike any other in India – intimate, eco-conscious, and focused on pure, pure music appreciation.

So, ditch the crowded concert halls and crowd surfing. Ziro music festival of Ziro Valley offers a chance to reconnect with nature, discover hidden musical gems, and experience the magic of music under a canopy of stars. Are you ready to lose yourself in the melody? 

Ziro Music Festival Highlights 

Particulars Details 
Ziro Music Festival Start DateSeptember 26, 2024
Ziro Music Festival End DateSeptember 29, 2024
Ziro Music Festival Venue Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh 
Ziro Music Festival Ticket Prices INR 2500 Onwards

Opening and Closing time of Ziro Music Festival

Thursday10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 
Friday10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 
Saturday10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 
Sunday10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 

History and Origins of Ziro Music Festival- 

Ziro festival is all about celebrating art, music and life, chilling in India’s misty mountains 5,500 feet above sea level, surrounded by lush valleys. That’s the magical setting for the Ziro Music Festival, a four-day extravaganza that started in 2012 by Bobby Hano and Menwhopause’s Anup Kutty.

This ain’t your typical concert. Organized by the welcoming Apatani tribe, Ziro is all about independent music. The Apatani tribe thrives with a rich culture and sustainable farming practices. Their annual Ziro Festival, a vibrant celebration of indie music, draws crowds to experience music and nature in perfect harmony.

Ziro music festival venue

This festival is known for its vigorous bands and lots of crazy fans that come from diverse parts just to witness their favourite musicians’ performances live on stage. It’s a launchpad for Indian talents and a magnet for music lovers, with big names like Lee Ranaldo and Louw Majaw rocking the stage. The energy is contagious – fans flock in days early, creating an unreal festival buzz. 

Ziro goes beyond music. It’s a celebration of life, art, and the region’s rich culture. Forget crowded venues; here, you’re immersed in nature, making it an experience you won’t forget. 

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Indigenous Tribes and Artists- 

Have you ever imagined a music festival in which nature thrives alongside the music? In Ziro Valley, music throbs through the crisp mountain air. The Ziro Festival of Music is not just another festival; it’s simply Northeast Indian essence in celebration. Where big names do not make a difference but where indigenous tribes and their musical roots are spotlighted. 

The celebration has a strong sense of tradition and harmony because of its rich cultural background. Furthermore, by giving native musicians a stage on which to display their abilities, the festival preserves and advances their own musical traditions. In addition to celebrating diversity, the Ziro Music Festival promotes cultural relations and appreciation by showcasing indigenous tribes and artists. This makes it an incredibly rewarding event for both performers and attendees.

Indigenous tribe Apatani performing traditional dance in Ziro Festival

The festival is up with exciting performances by a varied range of independent performers from India and throughout the world. This unique blend of talent combines different genres and styles, resulting in an electric environment that captivates spectators. From soul-stirring melodies to foot-stomping sounds, the festival provides an exciting opportunity for artists to share their passion and creativity with eager music fans. Traditional folk artists perform on the same stage as independent bands, all watched keenly by the Apatani tribe who kindly hosts this event. Ziro is more than a music venue, it amplifies the sounds and stories of Northeast to the global market. It unites music, culture and community spirit within Ziro Valley’s awe-inspiring embrace.

Eco Friendly Practices- 

The Ziro Music Festival is dedicated to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of its operations. Embracing the region’s natural resources, the festival utilizes locally-sourced materials such as bamboo for infrastructure, minimizing its ecological footprint. 

With a strict zero-plastic policy in place, the festival promotes waste reduction and implements robust waste management initiatives, including recycling and composting. By prioritizing environmental stewardship, the Ziro Music Festival not only provides an unforgettable musical experience but also sets a commendable example for responsible event management, fostering a harmonious relationship between music, culture, and the environment. The Ziro Music festival ticket price starts around ₹3500 each day during the first phase and can go upto ₹28,000 for four days during phase two. 

Apatani Tribe- The host

The indigenous Apatani tribe is largely responsible for the charm and genuineness of the Ziro Music Festival, as they are instrumental in its planning. 

The Apatani tribe, provide exquisite hospitality at its center. The Apatani people are noted for their unique customs and sustainable way of life, having originated in the scenic Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. The Apatani tribe’s beautiful facial tattoos are important to their identity, serving as a mark of beauty and cultural pride. These tattoos, which were historically popular among women, distinguish the Apatani from surrounding tribes and highlight their rich ancestry. 

Apatani peoples preparing for Ziro festival

Aside from their distinctive appearance, the Apatani are known for their sustainable farming practices, which have supported their society for decades. Using clever agricultural techniques such as wetland agriculture and fish aquaculture, they have developed a harmonious relationship with their environment, assuring both food security and ecological balance.

As hosts of the Ziro Music Festival, the Apatani tribe embodies the spirit of unity and inclusivity. Their warm hospitality and genuine embrace of cultural exchange create a welcoming atmosphere for attendees from diverse backgrounds. The Apatani tribe serves as the guardians of tradition and wardens of the land, infusing the Ziro Music Festival with a profound sense of heritage and belonging. Their presence not only enhances the festival’s cultural significance but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of music, community, and the natural world.

Cultural Exchange –

The Music Festival provides a dynamic platform for cultural interaction, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of local traditions and worldwide influences. The festival promotes cultural debate and appreciation via a variety of musical performances, workshops, and interactive activities. Attendees are invited to explore the bright arts and crafts, sample traditional foods, and interact with local people in order to make meaningful relationships and build understanding. By embracing cultural variety, the festival crosses barriers, bringing people from all walks of life together in a common celebration of music, art, and the human experience.

Ziro music festival 2024 dates September 26th to September 29

Notable performers- 

Over the years, the Ziro Music Festival has hosted a slew of great musicians who have left an apparent impression on its stages. The event has featured an amazing array of performances, including worldwide superstars and indigenous talent. Notable musicians such as Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, as well as Indian indie phenomenon Prateek Kuhad, have captured audiences with their fascinating performances.

Ziro Music Festival

 The event has also seen the famous Baba Sehgal, famed for his pioneering contributions to Indian rap music, liven the viewers with addictive beats and clever lyrics. These performers, among many others, have contributed to the festival’s status as a prime destination for music lovers, demonstrating the diversity and vibrancy of the worldwide music scene on the beautiful land. 

Skill training programs –

With every bit of experience, the community members play a vital role in producing the Ziro Music Festival, actively contributing to its success. Local artisans, skilled in bamboo craftsmanship, are instrumental in building the festival’s infrastructure, including stages, stalls, and seating areas.

The local community indulged here with their whole heart to make their land one of the best during this time. Their expertise in working with bamboo, a sustainable and versatile material abundant in the region, ensures that the festival’s structures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. By involving community members and showcasing their talents, the festival not only facilitates a sense of ownership and pride but also provides valuable skills training opportunities, empowering individuals and promoting cultural heritage preservation.

Community Outreach- 

The Ziro Music Festival goes beyond just music—it’s all about community and collaboration. Through various outreach programs, artists, artisans, and local youth groups come together to make a positive impact. From art workshops led by renowned artists to skill-building sessions with local artisans, the festival provides valuable opportunities for learning and growth.

Moreover, by involving local youth in organizing and volunteering, the festival instills a sense of pride and responsibility within the community. Beyond the music, the festival contributes to the region by boosting tourism, supporting local businesses, and showcasing the cultural richness of Arunachal Pradesh to the world. It’s not just a music festival; it’s a celebration of creativity, unity, and the vibrant spirit of the Ziro Valley.

Where To Stay At The Ziro Festival- 

Accommodation options during the Ziro Music Festival range from camping grounds to homestays, ensuring a comfortable stay for every festival-goer. For those seeking an authentic experience, camping amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Ziro Valley is a popular choice. Several designated camping sites offer basic facilities like tents, sleeping bags, and restroom facilities.

camping in ziro

Additionally, many local families open their homes to visitors, providing a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the Apatani way of life. These homestays offer cozy accommodations and delicious home-cooked meals, allowing guests to experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community. For those looking for more upscale options, nearby hotels and guesthouses provide comfortable lodging with modern amenities. Regardless of your preference, booking accommodations in advance is recommended, as they tend to fill up quickly during the festival period.

Ziro Music festival 2024 dates:

Ziro Music Festival is a vibrant annual festival held in Arunachal Pradesh that celebrates passion, sustainability, community, and cultural diversity. The festival promotes indigenous tribes and artists from the Northeast while showcasing the Indian and global independent music scene. This year the festival will be held from 26th to 29th September 2024.

How To Reach The Ziro Festival- 

Reaching the Ziro Music Festival involves a combination of air, road, and possibly even rail travel, depending on your starting point.

  1. The nearest airport to Ziro is located in Tezpur, Assam, approximately 300 kilometers away.
  2. From Tezpur, visitors can either hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Ziro, enjoying a scenic journey through the lush green landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh.
  3. Alternatively, travelers can opt for a train journey to Naharlagun, the nearest railway station to Ziro, and then proceed by road to the festival venue.
  4. For those coming from within Arunachal Pradesh, direct buses are available from Itanagar and other major towns to Ziro.
  5. Additionally, private taxis and shared jeeps ply the route between neighboring towns and Ziro throughout the festival period, offering convenient transportation options for attendees.

Things to carry at the Ziro Festival- 

When packing for the Ziro Music Festival, it’s essential to be prepared for a few days of outdoor fun amidst the scenic beauty of the Ziro Valley. Here are some essentials to consider bringing along:

1. Camping gear

If you plan to camp during the festival, don’t forget to pack a tent, sleeping bag, and camping mat for a comfortable night’s rest.

2. Weather-appropriate clothing

The weather in Ziro can be unpredictable, so pack layers to stay warm during chilly evenings and light, breathable clothing for sunny days.

3. Comfortable footwear

Whether you’re dancing to your favorite tunes or exploring the festival grounds, comfortable shoes are a must.

4. Sun protection

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays during the day.

5. Rain gear

Be prepared for occasional showers by packing a waterproof jacket or poncho.

6. Portable charger

Keep your devices powered up throughout the festival with a portable charger or power bank.

7. Reusable water bottle

Stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle to the festival grounds. There are usually water stations where you can refill your bottle for free.

8. Snacks

While there are food stalls at the festival, having some snacks on hand can come in handy between meals.

9. Cash

While some vendors may accept cards, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash for purchases at the festival.

10. Positive vibes

Most importantly, bring an open mind and a positive attitude to fully immerse yourself in the music and festivities of the Ziro Music Festival.

The Ziro Music Festival symbolizes the importance of passion, sustainability, community, and culture. It’s not just a music event; it’s a celebration of life itself. Through vibrant performances, eco-friendly practices, and meaningful community engagement, the festival creates a magical atmosphere where people from all walks of life come together to share in the joy of music and cultural exchange. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unforgettable celebration firsthand and be part of something truly special.


  1. Is the Ziro Music Festival worth it?

    Absolutely! The Ziro Music Festival offers an unforgettable experience filled with incredible music, stunning scenery, and a vibrant cultural atmosphere. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ziro Valley and connect with fellow music enthusiasts from around the world.

  2. In which month is the Ziro Festival celebrated?

    The Ziro Music Festival is typically celebrated in the month of September. This time of the year offers pleasant weather, making it perfect for outdoor festivities amidst the picturesque landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh.

  3. What kind of music is played at the Ziro Festival?

    The Ziro Music Festival showcases a diverse range of musical genres, including indie, rock, folk, electronic, and world music. From homegrown talents to renowned international artists, the festival offers something for everyone, catering to a wide array of musical tastes.

  4. How to reach the Ziro Music Festival?

    To reach the Ziro Music Festival, you can travel by air to Tezpur Airport in Assam or by train to Naharlagun Railway Station in Arunachal Pradesh. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Ziro. Additionally, there are direct buses available from major towns within Arunachal Pradesh to Ziro.

  5. What is the cost of the Ziro Music Festival?

    The cost of attending the Ziro Music Festival varies depending on factors such as accommodation preferences, travel expenses, and ticket prices. Generally, festival tickets are reasonably priced, and there are options available for camping, homestays, and hotels to suit different budgets.

  6. What is Ziro famous for?

    Ziro is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, lush green landscapes, and vibrant cultural heritage. It is known for the Ziro Valley, which is home to the Apatani tribe and UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate for its unique agricultural practices. Additionally, Ziro is renowned for the annual Ziro Music Festival, which attracts music lovers from all over the world.

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