Adventurous Dzukou Valley Trek

5 Days

The Dzukou Valley Trek is a place located in borders of the state of Nagaland and Manipur in the Southern Angami region of Northeast India. This valley is well known for its natural environment, seasonal flowers and flora and fauna. It is situated at an altitude of 2452 m above sea level. Major flora found in the valley is the strong bamboo brush, but the main feature is the plethora of seasonal flowers that bloom every summer. Two freezing cold rivers, Dzukou and Japhu, flow through the valley, crossing each other’s paths and adding to the overall splendour of the place.

Dzukou Valley Trek

Why You Should do Dzukou Valley Trip?

The Dzukou valley trek is an easy to moderately difficult trek which is suitable for any healthy person. It is one of the finest valleys and an iconic natural tourist area in Northeast India. Although the best season to visit is from October to May, even the monsoon season, which is from June to September, is great for visiting . Around that time, you may expect to see colourful and fresh seasonal flowers like Dzukou lily, which is indigenous to Nagaland, aconitum, euphorbia, and multi-colored rhododendrons blooming all over the valley. Fauna including the Asian golden cat, the Hoolock Gibbon, the Dzuko Valley horned toad (Megophrys dzukou), several other species of animals like the clouded leopard, the Asiatic black bear, the capped langur are found.

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The valley is associated with various myths and stories, including the existence of a white elephant, the river’s healing properties, and a location where the dead repose before departing. Legend has it that the Angami Tribe’s forefathers attempted to create a new village and settlement in the Dzukou Valley, but were unsuccessful owing to harsh weather conditions that made cultivation and agriculture impossible. Because it was extremely cold, nothing edible could grow there, and there were no trees, it was deemed unfit for human habitation.

There are two ways to get to Dzukou Valley. The route through Zakhama Village is shorter, steeper, and more challenging, and is normally preferred by experienced hikers. Viswema Village is the lengthier route, which has relatively easier ascents and descents.

How to approach the Dzukou Valley Trek from Viswema?

You will have to travel for 8 kilometers on a motorable road to reach the Dzukou valley trek point via the Viswema path. The route then progressively ascends. Then, for around 3 hours, hike along the trekking track. From the highway to the end of the motorable road, you can also rent a taxi or a cab.

After arriving in Viswema, trek 45 minutes along the path to the valley’s beginning point. This location has a resting area where you can take a relaxing lunch break. Then go for a two-hour nature stroll in the valley. At the end of the trail, you’ll find a lovely rest stop.

How to approach the valley from Jakhama?

This way is significantly more difficult than the Viswema approach, but adventurers and adrenaline seekers can take it. The steep, rough-hewn stone route will put your legs to the test. You can use this trail to descend from the valley because it is less slick than Viswema.

If you’re traveling up to the Dzukou valley from Jakhama, take the 4-kilometer motorable route. Then go on a 5-hour adventure hike through the rugged terrain. The walkway eventually connects with the Viswema trail.

Dzukou Valley Trek Summary

Tighten your seat belts as you are going to ride through a very dusty and broken roads towards your most awaited destination from where you’ll start the trek to Dzukou Valley. Well after climbing up to the base point you’ll be thrilled to see a surreal view in front of you and from that point the trek to the Dzukou campsite will start where you’ll pass through the valley, crossing a number of hills while feeling that peaceful breeze. You’ll be cold by the time you reach the campsite but don’t worry the bonfire will be ready to warm you up. Have dinner and sleep tight and wake up to a dreamy view. You’ll trek into the heart of valley and it will be quite the experience we assure you. The river flowing through the valley, the seasonal flowers and the magical view will make you speechless. Enjoy your time fullest in Dzukou Valley and then get back to your campsite, have your lunch and rest while you watch the most beautiful sunset of your life. In the evening , create unforgettable memories, sitting beside the fireplace and singing at top of  your voice. Have your dinner late and take rest for the next day you have to bid goodbye to the majestic valley and trek back down to Kohima. It’s time that you say farewell to Nagaland but before that make sure to buy some Naga souvenir to make yourself remember everything.

When To Plan Dzukou Valley Trek

Dzukou Valley Trek can be done for through out the year. But to get the best view you should do it between June to October .  But the trek is not same in every month .

In June

From April to August you will get the most beautiful view of Dzukou valley as the Dzukou Lilly Bloom . Moreover the whole valley become green as the rainy season starts.

In September to November

During this period the valley is less greenish and become dull. The view is still great and you can do camp easily nearby the basecamp.


Gather at the Guwahati railway station around 9:30 pm. Meet your fellow teammates of the group and board in the train to Dimapur at 11:30 pm.

After you are picked up from Dimapur railway station, we will directly drive to Kohima. After we reach Kohima we will check in our homestay/camp at Zakhama Village and will spend the day there .
Sleep tight as it may get cold at night.
1. Transportation from Dimapur to Kohima and Kohima to Zakhama
2. Kohima stay, nearby sightseeing.

Have your breakfast and stretch your legs because it is time for the trek of your dreams. “It’s best to start our trek early so that we can spend more time in the valley”. The car will pick you up from Zakhama Homestay to Dzukou trek point (Vishwema).
The trekking is a high altitude level which will take you 4 to 5 hours for completion. It may get tiring and exhausting at times but there is no giving up once you get started with the climb. After reaching the first base camp, lunch will be provided and you can resume the last stretch of your trek towards the valley.
In the evening, music session will start with bonfire and hot dinner. Enjoy the night, sing along with each other, dance in the tone of music and enjoy!!
Sleep tight as it will be cold at night.
1. Transportation from Zakhama to Viswema Dzukou trek point.
2. Trek to the base camp of the valley.
3. Trek guide, lunch, dinner, Camp stay and evening snacks will be provided by Oddessemania team.
4. Bonfire, music party and karaoke.

Wake up early to witness the magnificent view of cloud covering the whole valley.
Have your breakfast and do some stretching as we will be heading towards the heart of the valley.
The trek into the valley will take around 1 and half hour. After we trek down into the mid of the valley, we will head towards the “Death Wall” or you can say “soul place”. Feel the cold freezing water flowing near the wall and get relaxed by stepping your feet inside the water. Do some stargazing at night if the sky clears up. Stay will be just like the last night.
1. Exploring the valley
2. Camp Stay, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Trek Guide, Bonfire.

Wake up early and have your breakfast. Enjoy some time in the valley, click some more pictures with the valley and say goodbye to it. There's a saying among the locals that “you need to say goodbye to the valley, then only your soul will get back to you”
Trek back to Zakhama Dzukou Trek Point. On reaching, Oddessemania team will take you to a small tour of the Kohima city and then get back to Dimapur around evening.
Your trip ends there and you will reach Guwahati by next morning around 5am.

1. Trek back to Zakhama Dzukou trek point.
2. Trek guide, breakfast, and drop to Dimapur Railway Station.



  • • Camping/Dorm Stay
  • • Trek
  • • Sightseeing of Kohima city
  • • 2 Lunch
  • • 2 Dinner
  • • 4 Breakfast
  • • Private car and guide.
  • • Pick up drop from Dimapur- Kohima- Dzukou trek point- Dimapur
  • • Full safety & precaution
  • . Train From Guwahati-Dzukou-Guwahati
  • . ILP ( Inner Line Permit)


  • 1. Airfare and train charge
  • 2. Porter charge
  • 3. Lunch and dinner that are not mentioned
  • 4. Any extra clothes rented from the organisation up there
  • 5. All food & beverages cost apart from the ones mentioned above
  • 6. Trekking shoes and clothing (Any personal equipment)
  • 7. Any camera fees, warm cloth rent fee.
  • 8. Hotel & driver tips if any, (since the locals earn low wages, your tips can show your appreciation)
  • 9. Any personal expenditure (Toiletries, medicines, etc.)
  • 10. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.
  • 11. Any Extra Sightseeing on request
  • 12. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head "Inclusions”

Things To Carry

These are the important items you should carry during the trek. Other than this Oddessemania team will provide you the necessary items required during the trek.

1.  4 Pairs of clothing (t-shirt + trousers)
2.  Sun Cap, Face Mask/Buff
3.  Raincoat/Poncho
4.  Normal Jacket 
5.  Woolen Socks
6.  Thermal wear
7.  Hand gloves
1.  Small Backpack (during trek use)
2.  Trekking shoes
3.  Sunglasses
4.  Sunscreen at least 40+SPF
5.  Lunchbox & Spoon
6.  Water bottle & Mug
7.  Energy bars, energy drink
8.  Extra cloth Bags for wet clothes
1.  Prescribed Medicine
2.  Camera + Charger + Power bank
3.  Cold Cream
4.  Personal sanitization & essential toiletries
5.  Mask, Id card and Medical Certificate

Is Dzukou Valley Trek Safe?

Yes, Dzukou Valley is a safe trek to do. Prepare yourself and get all the details you want before starting this trek as it will help you to know more about it.

Then also Oddessemania Team has listed some factors for safety –

Altitude Wise-

Dzukou Valley lying at an elevation that exceeds 2,400 metres above sea level, is a fairy-tale landscape of rarely paralleled magnificence and grandeur.

It starts from Kohima at an elevation of 1,444 m and ends at Dzukou Valley 2,400 m. Oddessemania team helps you get acclimatized on the first day of the trek so that you don’t fall sick when you start it.

We spend the first day at Kohima/Viswema village where you get acclimatized and you can take your time to get every needful item ready before heading for the treks.

– Each day we do the trek in such a way that you get ample amount of rest .

” Oddessemania Trek Leaders are well trained in Mountaineering and Medical Safety in Mountaineering “

Weather Wise

The Dzukou Valley Trek starts from January and goes up to December and in these whole months the trek is safe to do.

If you do the trek between April to September the trek route will little be slippery as rainy season will start so its important to carry poncho/raincoat and if you do the trek between December to February the temperature goes down up to -1 degree so carrying good warm cloths is important.

“Do follow the Trek Leader’s instruction when you are on the trek. Don’t do anything on your own because you don’t know what will happen next.”

Terrain Wise

Dzukou Valley posses the least risk.

The only risks that comes during Dzukou Valley trek is-

1. Stream Crossing

2.Descending Down

Closest Hospital To Dzukou Valley Trek

Oking Hospital in Kohima is the closest one to Dzukou valley Trek, in case of a medical emergency during the trek.
Address:  Kohmina Mokokchung Road, Opp Bandhan Bank, Kohima, Nagaland 797001
Phone: 0370 229 0080

Bethel Medical Centre is another option.
Address: Bethel Road, Near South Police Station, Kohima, Nagaland 797005
Phone: 0370 222 4202


What is the Dzukou Valley Trek?

The Dzukou Valley Trek is a breathtaking adventure that takes you through the picturesque landscapes of the North-Eastern state of Nagaland, India. The trek leads to the stunning Dzukou Valley, known for its lush green meadows, flowers, and serene ambiance. It’s a popular trekking destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers

When is the best time to undertake the Dzukou Valley Trek?

The ideal time for the Dzukou Valley Trek is during the months of June to September, when the valley is adorned with a colorful carpet of blooming flowers. The weather is pleasant, and the monsoon showers add to the valley’s charm. However, it’s essential to check weather conditions and trail accessibility before planning your trek.

What is the difficulty level of the Dzukou Valley Trek?

The Dzukou Valley Trek is considered moderate to challenging. The trek involves steep ascents and descents, rocky terrain, and a bit of scrambling. A reasonable level of physical fitness and stamina is recommended. Novice trekkers might find it slightly demanding, but with proper preparation and determination, it’s achievable.

Is it necessary to go with a guide?

it’s highly recommended, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area or trekking in general. A guide can provide valuable insights, ensure your safety, and navigate the trail effectively. They can also arrange permits and accommodations, making your trek more organized.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

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Trip Facts

  • Camping/Homestay
  • Kohima
  • Professional Guide
  • 2400 m
  • As per the itinerary
  • Sumo/Ecco
  • Trek per day 3-4 hr
  • Trekking