Best 8 Tourist Places in Darjeeling worth visiting!

toy trail Darjeeling
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Is it worth riding on a steam train, especially in this day and age when people prefer high-speed bullet trains? But wait! Where can I get that one? Well, then we don’t need to look further than the Toy Train of Darjeeling in West Bengal. Yes, you heard it right. Some of our clients have also admitted that missing out on a ride on the Toy Train will keep you from being nostalgic as it takes you back in history, and the ride on the Toy Train will also remind you of the song “Kosto Maza” from the film “Parineeta.” In this blog we have catered best 8 tourist places in Darjeeling.

Every single tourist in Darjeeling ensures that they get the exclusiveness of this toy train as it takes you through the bustling streets and markets, tea gardens, and jungle, while at the same time, you get a panoramic view of the “Queen of Hills” during the ride.

Imagine yourself having a cup of tea, a gentle breeze blowing through you amidst an idyllic town. Doesn’t that sound like being in a wonderland?

These are some of the qualities of this hill station that make tourists in Darjeeling stay longer than in some of the other famous tourist places in India.

Ah! How can tourists in Darjeeling stop themselves from talking about the quality of the sips of one of the most coveted teas in the world? Tea in Darjeeling is often considered “the champagne of teas” due to its delicate and light flavor. Prominently known for its tea around the world, with more than 86 tea estates, Darjeeling produces over 10 million kilograms of tea every year, as reported by the Tea Board of India. Watch this Why is Darjeeling Tea so special?” by Siddhartha Joshi( a photographer and a filmmaker ).

With that said, let’s see what is more up there in the bag of the Himalayas’ foothills. One of the qualities that entices tourists in Darjeeling to keep

coming once a year, at least, is its geographical settlement. Nestled in the footsteps of the Himalayas, Darjeeling offers tourists a magnificent view of the town and its distant mountains. The tourists in Darjeeling get even more rejuvenated when they get the opportunity to see the third-highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga. Someone like you may also prefer the climate of a place before deciding on a tour, and Darjeeling might be your perfect choice as it has a very mild and moderate climate throughout the year. However, by going through this article by you can have a clear understanding of the weather in Darjeeling West Bengal.

Just in case, you are already looking for a road map of Darjeeling city to behold the beauty of the Queen of the Hills.

The best 8 tourist places in Darjeeling you must visit :

1. Darjeeling Railway Station:

It is a must-visit tourist places in Darjeeling, for any tourist who plans to take a tour of Darjeeling. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, popularly known as Toy Train is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Railway station darjiling. tourist in Darjeeling

2. Tiger Hill:

It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Darjeeling to behold the stunning view of the sunrise. However, sometimes tourists like you might have to return disappointed. So make sure to plan your visit accordingly to get the best experience.

tiger hill Darjeeling

3. The Batasia-loop:

It is among those tourist places in Darjeeling that cannot be missed while coming back from Tiger Hill, as it reminds you of those brave Gorkha soldiers who gave up their lives in WW1 and WW2. As the toy train starts taking you through the town, it makes sure to give you a loop around the open-air Gorkha War Memorial, situated at an altitude of 7000 meters from the Sea Level.

batasia loop tourist places in Darjeeling

4. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute:

It is worth visiting without a shadow of a doubt, founded in 1954 in honor of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who was one of the first to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Everest.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

5. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park:

It offers you some rare animal sightings like red panda, snow leopard, black panther, white wolf, etc. Especially if you are planning a family trip, this is one of those tourist places in Darjeeling that covers you perfectly. Getting the sightings of those rare animals won’t cost you more than 200 rupees.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

6. The Rock Garden 

The Rock Garden, popularly known as Barbotey Rock Garden. One of the promising sights that it has to offer is its Chunnu Summer Falls. However, do not expect a seamless route to the Rock Garden, as you might find the terrain occasionally with a lot of steep turns.

rock garden Darjeeling

7. Observatory Hill Viewpoint:

You won’t see many of us talking about the viewpoint “Observatory Hill Viewpoint,” which is indeed a perfect spot to get a panoramic view of the distant mountains and villages, situated on the outskirts of the “Queen of Hills”. This viewpoint offers more than just stunning views. If you are somebody who strongly wants to get away from those bustling spots in Darjeeling, then look no further! This less-crowded spot will be a perfect fit for you as it lets you enjoy a stroll without any rush of cars on the road, thus making it one of the must-visit tourist places in Darjeeling.

Observatory hill tourist places in Darjeeling

8. Peace Pagoda:

It’s pretty obvious, you will already be exhausted by the time you complete these chaotic activities. Take a moment to visit Peace Pagoda to get a deep sense of calm and peace; after all, that’s all you need to replenish yourself.

peace pagoda tourist places in Darjeeling

Let’s say you are only a day away from steeping into the bustling streets of the “Queen of Hills.” As a responsible tour provider, it becomes our responsibility to guide you through the road map of Darjeeling city. Assuming you have planned to come from April to June, there might be a strong possibility that you won’t find any of your ideal hotels in Darjeeling, as the top hotels tend to fill up quickly during these peak months. In this case, you can have a look at our suggested top hotels in Darjeeling:

5 Top Hotels in Darjeeling under the 5000

• Hotel Sonar Bangla, with a 4.2* Google rating, has been one of the top hotels in Darjeeling. The area where the hotel is located makes it even more popular amongst tourists. From the hotel, a stone’s throw away, you can visit some of the must-visit tourist places in Darjeeling. The hotel caters to you with all the amenities, such as free breakfast, WIFI, and many more.

• Hotel Shangri-La Regency, with a 4.1* Google rating, stands among the top hotels in Darjeeling, and is just a few km away from the famous Mall Road, nestled in the foothills of “The Queen of Hills”.Just like all other top hotels in Darjeeling, it offers all the amenities at all reasonable prices.

• Omega Residency has more than just basic amenities to offer you. Besides, all the basic amenities (WiFi, Free breakfast, and many more), it has an activity room for games, thus making it one of the top hotels in Darjeeling. It holds a *4.2 Google Rating. 

• Hotel Villa Everest is among the top hotels in Darjeeling, not just because of the service it caters to tourists, the hotel itself is a heritage site dating back to the pre-independence era. This hotel has a Google rating of 4.5* and is a few kilometers from the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. 

• Hotel Dip Palace, centered on the Peace Pagoda and the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, is one of the top hotels in Darjeeling. Although it has a Google rating of *3.9, its customer reviews state a positive side, thus making it worth staying.

To get the best deals on all the above-discussed top hotels in Darjeeling, check out their official sites, especially during this peak season.

Now, You must also be wondering, what are the best activities you can experience during the tour in Darjeeling, right? No worries! We cover you with that as well. Here are the top 10 must-do activities you can experience during your tour :

• Witnessing a stunning view of the sunrise from the summit of Tiger Hill should be your first must-do activity in Darjeeling. If somehow you end up waking up before 4 am, the hotel’s window shouldn’t be your viewpoint to witness the sunrise, it’s the summit of Tiger Hill that allows you to get one of the best panoramic views in the world. Moreover, the entry fee is just rupees 70 /per person. Some of our clients once also expressed that they were even willing to pay rupees 1000 to see the mesmerizing view of the Sun showering its first ray on the surface of the Kanchenjunga.

• While it might not be your first must-do activity in Darjeeling, the Toy train ride must do for anyone seeking a touch of nostalgia. This is undoubtedly one of the things that every tourist loves to experience during the tour.

• It’s Darjeeling, right? You can not tempt yourself from taking a delicate sip of Darjeeling’s tea, thus making it one of the must-do activities during the tour. 

• Very few of us get the opportunity to see the red panda, which is an endangered wonder of the Himalayas. So make sure, you don’t miss out on the chance to get a sighting of such an endangered animal.

• Darjeeling’s cuisine is popularly known for its varied range of cultures. Not trying the famous Thukpa, Churpee, and especially the Momos is a regret many tourists share! 

• Consider riding on the cable car, is indeed a must-do thing for anyone like you who wants to enjoy the lush green tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking Himalayan Vistas at one glance.

• Now, have a stroll through the bustling streets of Mall Road. In the meantime, you can also get yourself some tea and clothes, which could be the best gift for your friend.

• River rafting in Teesta Bazar is one of the must-do things for any tourist in Darjeeling, as it takes you through an extreme adventure. However, for safety reasons, swimming skills are recommended.

• Are you a trekker who has been reading this guide for the last few minutes? No worries; Darjeeling has some of the best places, like Singalila Ridge, for trekkers.

• If in case, you are a photography enthusiast, the “Queen of Hills ” covers you the best with its mesmerizing viewpoints.


  1. I’m interested in exploring off-the-beaten-path attractions in Darjeeling. Can your agency arrange unique experiences beyond the typical tourist spots?

    Catering to more than 6000 customers, Oddessemania offers the best service in the travel industry, especially if you are looking for a tour in the North-Eastern region. Yes, your off-beaten -path is just a call away from us.

  2. Which month is best for the Darjeeling tour?

    The recommended months to visit Darjeeling is between April to June.

  3. Is Darjeeling cheap to visit?

    Whether visiting Darjeeling is cheap or not depends on preferences varying from the hotel you choose to the restaurant you visit and many more. However, a trustworthy tour partner like us can design your tour according to your ideal budget.




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