Exploring Ziro: 4 Amazing things to do in Ziro

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Lying in northeast India, Arunachal Pradesh shares a border with China, Bhutan, and Myanmar. Besides being home to several high-altitude passes, such as Sela Pass and Bamla Pass, and being covered by the great Himalaya, Arunachal Pradesh’s culture is one of the richest in the northeastern region.

Among the several popular destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley continues to be an attraction for tourists across the world due to some of the rich cultural villages and valleys, there are various things to do in Ziro. One such village that is worth discussing is Hong Village, which was once one of the largest villages in the world. But the popularity of this village lies in the ancient culture of the Aptani tribe, a significant reason for Ziro Valley’s Global Fame.

Many tourists focus on the must-visit places in Ziro but miss out on the must-to-do experiences the valley has to offer. As a responsible tour operator, we recommend you experience these 4 primary activities while traveling to Ziro:

4 things to do in Ziro Valley 

i) Behold the unlikeness of Arunachal Pradesh’s culture in Hong Village: 

Nestled in the heart of Ziro, Hong Village prominently represents the Aptani tribe and their culture. One of the things to do in Ziro Valley will be to explore Hong Village and the culture it holds. What is even more unusual is that, as you start exploring the village, you get to see a lot of women working in the field instead of men. Hong Village has a population of 1197, with women being the most common (as per the 2011 census).

things to do in Ziro

This village is further divided into two parts: Home Village 1 and Home Village 2. As a tourist, what makes you fascinated is their home. If it is your first visit to Ziro, one of the things to do in Ziro is explore there. It will be worth doing things in Ziro when you have a closer opportunity to behold the beauty of their way of life that flourishes in Arunachal Pradesh’s culture. So, make sure to put it on the bucket list of things to do in Ziro, and somehow your plan to visit Ziro is postponed till September; missing out on the Ziro Music Festival would be your regret.

I am pretty sure very few of us know about high-altitude fish farming, so Ziro is the perfect place to explore this type of fish farming, also known as Tarin Fish Farming. One can also find the state fish of Arunachal Pradesh, the golden mahseer.

Tarin Fish Farming

3 Important Details of Music Festival 2024  

• TICKET PRICES will range from INR 2600/- to INR 8500/-. 

• An international tourist must possess a Protected Area Permit, and an Indian should possess an Inner Line Permit.

• Children are allowed to attend the festival for free unless they are under the age of 12. 

ii). Immerse yourself through treks in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro

Even though among the treks in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro offers some of the easiest hiking trails in Ziro Putu and Talley Valley, they are undoubtedly the most exquisite places to be lost in the serenity of nature. Without a shadow of a doubt, trekking is another thing to do in Ziro Valley. If you are a trekker, it is like the cherry on top of the cake. While Talley Valley is a home perfect for numerous endangered animals like the clouded leopard, Ziro Puto offers you perhaps the most splendid view of the Apatani Plateau and the entire Ziro Town.

talley valley in ziro

How long does it take to reach Talley Valley and Ziro Putu from Ziro Town?

• Time to reach Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: As instructed by the official site of Lower Subansiri District, you have to book a cab or bus from Guwahati Airport to Ziro which will take about 6 to 7 hours from there, and once you reach the Ziro town, you need to take a 37 km long trek from there to reach Talley Valley.

• Time to reach Ziro Putu: Unlike the Talley Valley, it is about 11 km from Ziro Town.

iii) Indulging in Arunachal Pradesh Food

Apong, a type of beer made from rice, is among the regular beverages, consumed by locals and further augments the significance of the culture of Arunachal Pradesh. This tradition of Apong consumption extends to other major parts of the region, such as Assam. As a tourist, you can experience the exclusiveness of this region’s food culture during the tour on Ziro, through beverages like Apong.

Unlike beer, Apong is exclusively made from rice, deeply rooted in Arunachal Pradesh’s Culture. Now, someone can not indulge in Arunachal Pradesh Food by just taking a shot of rice beer, thus making you equally responsible for tasting the delicacy of other food items, such as the following popular food items :

• Bamboo shoot, although widely eaten in the northeastern region, is one of those food ingredients used in other foods.

bamboo shoot

• Chura Sabji, a special curry made of cheese, is another that augments Arunachal Pradesh’s food culture. However, whether it is worth trying depends upon one’s tastebuds; who knows, you might be that lucky person who ends up liking the local cuisine. 

• Just like in any other northeastern region, rice continues to be the staple food of Arunachal Pradesh, yet it is known for its unique process of making it through bamboo. Talking about the side dishes, they include Pika pickles, Lukter, and Pehak (a chutney).

Wait, Things to do in Ziro Valley don’t end here.

iv)  Exploring the Apatani tribe is undoubtedly a must-do thing in Ziro. 

Among the 705 ethnic groups in India, the Apatani tribe continues to stand out for their unique way of wearing nose plugs. The Apatani tribe inhabits Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. It is recommended that one get a local host to make communication seamless with the tribe. As you start interacting with them, what immediately catches your eye are the plugs in all the women’s noses.

apatani women in ziro

The women in the Apatani tribe believe that putting those plugs into their noses is a gesture to protect their beauty. However, the Apatani tribe is prominently known for their exquisite handloom designs and their fine work in cane and bamboo to make various handicrafts. Hence, even if you forget all the other things to do in Ziro, consider exploring the Apatani Tribe as a must-do activity on your bucket list while taking a tour of Ziro Valley.


  1. Is Ziro safe for solo travelers?

    Ziro is generally considered safe for solo travelers, but it’s always advisable to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

  2. What is the best time to visit Ziro?

    The best time to visit Ziro is during the Ziro Music Festival in September or October when the weather is pleasant and the valley comes alive with music and cultural celebrations.

  3. Are there any trekking opportunities in Ziro?

    Yes, Ziro offers several trekking opportunities, including the hike to Ziro Putu and the exploration of Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Be sure to check local guidelines and regulations before embarking on any treks.

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