Top 10 Out-Of-The-Box Things To Do In Tawang

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Tawang is tucked away in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh and blessed with the beauty of nature. It is perched in the Himalayas at a height of about 10,000 feet, earning it the nickname “new Ladakh” among adventure seekers. The snow-capped mountains, valleys, lakes, and deep woods are a big part of Tawang’s appeal, but it’s also known for its tranquility and breath-taking views, which are best enjoyed by partaking in these activities in Tawang that you simply must do when you visit.

There are many things to do in Tawang, and the incredible activities in Tawang are beyond mentionable. The key Tawang Attraction includes the famous monasteries and stunning snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. With everything on your plate, from monasteries to glacial lakes, to stunning waterfalls, the place won’t take any long to make you fall in love exploring the Tawang Attractions. Get all hyped and make yourself all ready to fall in love with the natural and mind-blowing beauty of Tawang Attraction in your Tawang Vacation.

While the snow in the winter makes it a magical wonderland, summer, monsoon and spring brings out the brightest color of the wildflowers, green forest mountains, valley filled with flowing rivers, waterfalls and many more have increased the Tawang tourism making the Tawang Vacation very much true and the Tawang attractions much more pretty.

Tawang tourism has been formulated a lot. With the constant efforts of the government and people getting more and more centric towards spending quality time in nature to get into deeper levels of self, Northeast has been a popular tourist spot. Places like Tawang have resulted in more tourism because of the numerous Tawang Attractions and many adventurous things that are available to do in Tawang. What to do and how fulfilling the Tawang trip would be can only be understood once you visit Tawang and explore all of the top things to do in Tawang.

Tawang has a rich history, and we may assume that this mountain town is full of mysteries just waiting for you to discover them. We have all you need to know about things to do in Tawang! Here are 18 fun yet adventurous things to do in Tawang for an exciting getaway filled with culture, energy, and adventure.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Tawang-

  • TAKTSANG GOMPA- relax and meditate here.
  • GORICHEN PEAK- go hiking.
  • SELA PASS- explore the breathtaking view around you.
  • ROAD TRIP: explore the beauty.
  • NURANANG WATERFALLS- witness the true beauty of one of the highest fall of Arunachal.
  • SHUNGA-TSER LAKE- spend quality time of a day overlooking the lake.
  • LOCAL RESTAURANTS: Taste the local delicacies.
  • EagleNest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • JASWANT GARH- acknowledge the brave leaders.
  • BUMLA PASS- witness the highest artillery base of India and the breathtaking views.
  • URGUELLING MONASTERY- enjoy the serene location with beautiful views.
  • TAWANG BUDDHIST MONASTERY- explore the Asia’s second largest monastery of India.
  • PANGATENG TSO LAKE- explore the blue glacial lake tucked among the mountains.
  • NAGULA LAKE- enjoy the small yet beautiful lake spot.
  • TAWANG WAR MEMORIAL- remember the leader and understand the significance of the place.
  • ZEMITHANG VILLAGE- explore the offbeat old historical village.
  • HANDICRAFT LOCAL SHOPS- good place to shop local products.

Relax and Meditate in Taktsang Gompa-

Taktsang gompa

Meditating in the renowned Taktsang Gompa aids you in discovering your inner calm because it is perched atop a hillock between 12,500 and 13,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by a thick evergreen forest and majestic mountains. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Tawang is the Taktsang Gompa. The only sounds you can hear are the wind blowing and your heart pumping amid the serene surroundings. This location’s general vibe is so serene and comforting that I wouldn’t want to leave at all.

Go hiking to Gorichen Peak-

Gorichen peak

Going on a hike up Gorichen Peak is one of the tourist favorites in Tawang. Gorichen Peak, the tallest peak in Arunachal Pradesh and third highest in the Northeast, is perched at a height of 22,500 feet. This trekking route is endowed with the perfect environment and a terrain to test the intrepid side of you. The peak, which is well-known for being a challenging trekking location, has stunning 360-degree views of the environs. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this trek’s spectacular splendour of this beautiful peak. Do not forget to include this trekking trip on your list of things to do in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

Explore the beauty of Sela Pass-

Sela pass

You won’t need to ponder what to do in Tawang if you’re in this town in Arunachal Pradesh. The Sela Pass, which is located at a height of 13,700 feet, is the only route that links Tawang to the rest of India. One of the world’s high-altitude motorable passes is this one. According to legend, this route contains roughly 101 revered lakes that belong to the Buddhist faith. Nevertheless, out of all of these lakes, the stunning Sela Lake merits special note because it is one of the region’s most well-liked tourist destinations. Therefore, if you are taking a road trip to Tawang, you will be able to appreciate the splendour of this breathtaking route.

Road Trip to Tawang, enjoy the beauty all the way


One of the most popular tourist spots in Northeast India is Tawang in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. This distant northeast Indian location’s attractions include local monasteries, untamed road, stunning lakes, steep mountain passes and waterfalls found all along the route. The entire trip from Tezpur to Tawang is jam packed with delightd and surprises. Beautiful places like Bhalukpong, Diarang and Bomdila are all deserving of your time and attention.

As you get closer to Tawang, the winding mountain roads are equally stunning and hazardous. A road drive Guwahati to Tawang in the pinnacle of adventure for anyone looking for the rush of the open road.

Experience the magical nature with the sights of Nuranang Waterfall.

Nuranang waterfall

A popular activity in Tawang is visiting the Nuranang waterfalls, which are around 40 km from the town and are located at an elevation of about 6000 feet. Nuranang Waterfalls, one of Arunachal Pradesh’s most beautiful waterfalls, is a milky white waterfall that looks and feels like a dream.

Spend a day at Shung-Tser-Lake.

The renowned Shunga-Tser Lake, where spending a few hours provides for one of the tranquil yet exciting events to do in Tawang, is situated around 17 miles from the main town. In the summer, blue lapis flowers surround this lovely lake, and in the winter, a layer of snow covers it. The lake, which was formed by an earthquake, is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience with its quiet waters, colourful birds on the banks, snow-covered Himalayas in the background, and peaceful surroundings.

Taste the local delicacies.

Tibetan momo

When planning a trip to Tawang in December, be sure to stop at the one and only Dragon Restaurant in the Old Market to sample some of the regional specialties. They are known for Churpi, a fermented cheese broth made with fungi and vegetables, which is their most popular local dish. Enjoy the earthy regional flavour. Tibetan momos, spicy chicken, and salty Tibetan yak butter tea are some other specialties you must try. Every dish offered here is a flawless fusion of traditional North-Eastern cuisine and the fiery influence of Monpas. The best thing to do in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, is to visit this restaurant if you enjoy experimenting with local cuisine.

Explore EagleNest Wildlife Sanctuary

things to do in tawang

The diverse region of northeast India is a traveler’s paradise. At Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh’s West Kameng District, discover the best of nature’s hidden beauty. Eaglenest is one of the well-known animal sanctuaries situated at an altitude of 500 m and stretching up to 3250 m, bordered to the northeast by Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and to the east by Pakhui Tiger Reserve.

The Red Eagle Division of the Indian Army, which had a base there in the 1950s, served as the inspiration for the name of the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary zone still boasts the presence of the Indian Army and includes 218 sq km of forested land with a diverse array of wildlife.

This wildlife refuge, which has some unique animal breeds, has a subtropical climate. Due to the high altitude, a significant amount of rain and sporadic snowfall can also be seen during the winter. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, in northeast India, is among the most picturesque locations due to its subzero winter temperatures.

Visit the well known Jaswant Garh.

Jaswant garh

Are you still unsure of what to do in Tawang? Visit the well-known tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh called Jaswant Garh. Jaswant Garh War Memorial, which is 25 kilometres from Tawang, is a must-see location. In memory of the late Jaswant Singh Rawat, this memorial has been built. The memorial’s standout feature is the temple-like structure covered in a camouflage pattern. It’s a great spot for a day trip where you can just go to the attraction, honour the valiant martyrs, and eat some quick snacks.

Go for sightseeing around Bumla Pass.

Bumla pass

The Bumla Pass, which is situated near the Indo-China border about 37 kilometres from Tawang, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. Being an Indian, We feel proud to visit this important boundary. The mountains coated in snow make for fantastic photo opportunities. To obtain permission to visit the pass, don’t forget to stop by the Tawang District Office of the Deputy Commissioner and the Indian Army Cantonment in Tawang. Plan your journey on a clear day with no chance of precipitation if you intend to go sightseeing.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Urgelling Monastery-

Urgelling Monastery

His Holiness, the sixth Dalai Lama, or Tsangyang Gyatso was born in Tawang on March 1, 1683, to Tsewang Lhamo, a Monpa girl from a royal lineage of Bekhar Village and Lasa Tashi Tehzin of Urgelling a descendant of treasure revealer Pema Lingpa. About five kilometres south of the peaceful Tawang town, is the revered Urgelling Monastery, Urgen Sangpo the youngest sibling of Terton Pempalingpa, the renowed Treasure- Revealer, lay the building’s foundation. It was founded in the fifteenth century. The monastery, which served as a residence for Buddhist monks and Lamas of the Lamaistic Mahayana school of thought, developed into a holy site for Buddhists in 1683 CE, the year the sixth Dalai Lama was born. In 1699, Desi Sangye Gyamtso renovated and expanded the monastery. In the 18th century, Lajang Khan’s Mongols raided the monastery. During the attack, statues and texts written in gold and silver that had been carried from this monastery to Tawang monastery had to be saved. Numerous shadows are created by the enormous tree next to it, which is thought to have grown from a stick that the 6th Dalai Lama himself is said to have driven into the ground.

Explore one the top activities, Tawang Buddhist Monastery-

Tawang buddhist monastery

The second largest monastery in the world, Tawang is the largest in India and is located in the sleepy town of Tawang in Assam, far from the influence of the modern world. A monastery is thought of as the spiritual, cultural and social fusion of Buddhist culture. If you want to access your “enlightened” spiritual side in solitude, pack your bags and go there.

Explore the Pankang Teng Tso Lake-

Another place to go in Tawang is Pankang Teng Tso Lake. This lake, also known as P.T. Tso is among the most fascinating lakes and is encircled by Mother Nature’s splendour and beauty. The snow-covered Himalayan Mountains and rushing cool river waters provide a striking background for this Arunachal Pradesh must-see site. In reality, Tawang as a whole is a popular tourist destination and offer the ideal mix of adventure tourism. You will be surrounded by a peaceful environment and intriguing locations nearly. Getting to Pankang Teng Tso Lake requires a pleasant 17-kilometer driver through a landscape of snow and if you continue on, you may also stop at Shong-tser Lake, which is around 47 kilometers from Tawang. The reason this location is well known in Arunachal Pradesh is that it offers two distinct ambiances. While it is cool, quiet and covered in fluffy snow in the winter it is also very pleasant in the summer with blue lapis flower,

Enjoy the captivating sight of Nagula Lake-

Nagula lake

Nagula lake is a high altitude lake that is a delight for nature lovers and one of the most attractive spots to visit in Tawang. Nagula Lake is a fascinating tourist destination in, featuring some seductive reflections of the mountain waters in its calm waters.

You will be mesmerized by the lake’s beautiful surroundings, and you can see many ducks playing in that area. Due to its proximity to the border, the lake is noted for its considerable military presence, yet it also draws many tourists. The summer months of April through May and September and October are the ideal times to visit the lake.

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Tawang War Memorial, salute the bravest-

Tawang war memorial

The War Memorial, a 40-foot-tall, vibrant structure, honours all those who lost their lives during 1962 Sino-Indian War. This memorial looks out over the picturesque Tawang Chu valley from within the embrace of the majectic Himalayan hills.

Tawang War Memorial, which honors the valour of fallen Indian   troops who gave their lives in 1962 Indo-China war, is a significant site to see while you are there. Tawang War Memorial is a perfect location to express your love for the 2140 Indian troops who gave their lives in the conflict. Tawang War Memorial which is 25 kilometers from Tawang is a good destination to visit in Tawang if you want to experience some patriotic fervour.

Zemithang Village, the offbeat destination to explore-

Arunachal Pradesh’s Zemithang, a hidden paradise is renowned for its huge, golden cultivable areas, wide-open valleys, and breathtaking mountains. Zemithang, 90 kilometers away and at an elevation of 8000 feet above sea level, is a must-see destination.

Keep a watch out for this tiny village of Luma, from which you can observe a little statue of Lord Buddha named Dujen Lumpa located on a hill since the path to Zemithang village will welcome you when you eventually arrive Zemithang village after weaving through the dense shadows of bamboo and pine trees.`

Handicraft centre, the perfect place to shop local products-


The Handicraft Center in Tawang is a major tourist attraction. Visitors can buy local handicrafts like woollen carpets, shawls, shoes, carved wooden works etc. The Tawang Township has three local markets in general namely the Old market, the Nehru Market and the New market. You can get all the goodies you want to carry from this place here.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best hotels/homestay within your price range for your convenience. You may find a convenient and comfortable place to stay here, and don’t worry—home stays in Tawang guarantee your safety and ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Tawang Vacation Hotel –

Stay Inn Tawang :

The travelers will discover this lodging to be secure. The best amenities are provided to you by Stay Inn Tawang. It is the only homestay that is close to several tourist attractions. One of the Tawang homestays offers clean rooms for guests to stay in with family and friends.

You may store your cars securely in a big parking lot. The staff is helpful and makes an effort to respond to guests’ requirements right away. Every room is spotless, which provides for a relaxing visit. They provide good services and grin broadly when welcoming guests.

Hospitality Inn Tawang:

The ideal homestay in Tawang for your summer vacation is Hospitality Inn Tawang. The guesthouse is close to popular tourist attractions. Everyone who stays here agrees that the atmosphere is positive overall. In addition to receiving the services you desire, you will also receive suitable treatment. Overall, the setting and atmosphere are pleasant and welcoming. The homestay is conveniently close to the city, making it simple to run errands like shopping. Tawang home sites come with a free breakfast and are reasonably priced for everyone. It is appropriate for family vacations.

Dolma Khangsar Homestay-

The Dolma Khangsar Homestay is a well-liked lodging option in Tawang. As a star guesthouse, it features respectable rooms. You must reserve a room at this homestay if you are traveling for vacation. You must make a reservation for this before all 20 of the available rooms are taken. Families are welcome in the accommodations, which are also appropriate for couples. The accommodations may provide you with a calm environment and are close to the closest tourist attractions. Excellent amenities are available for a reasonable cost.

Dondrub Homestay-

The Dondrub Homestay in Tawang provides first-rate lodging. The space is tidy and equipped with contemporary amenities.

In Tawang, Dondrub Homestay is one of the more affordable options. All of the contemporary amenities are there in the tidy, clean rooms. It has a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. They ensure that there is daily housekeeping service at one of the greatest homestays in Tawang. Although you have a free private parking space, the rooms stand out as the real winners. You can reserve a room at this homestay online, but you should act quickly because they fill up rapidly.

J.C Homestay-

You should choose J.C homestay if you want a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep. Access to unique amenities like a balcony and an outside garden is possible. Along with a flat-screen, the room offers a neatly appointed bathroom. A well regarded guesthouse offers its visitors complimentary private parking. Pets are not permitted on the property, and the only downside is that there is no internet access. The crew is fluent in Hindi and English. You will enjoy a wonderful stay as a guest here at a very reasonable location with all the conveniences available.

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