10 Stunning Must-Visit Waterfalls In Meghalaya!

krang suri falls
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Meghalaya is our all time favorite tourist destination isn’t it? The Sanskrit translation of Meghalaya is “the habitation of clouds.” Shillong, a hill town, is the capital of the state, which is situated in the northeastern region of the nation. The state is protected to the north by Bangladesh and to the south by the state of Assam. It is a mountainous getaway with beautiful scenery and captivating charm. Everyone has read and learned about the beauty of the East Indian states, but the true beauty of the State can only be seen when you really travel there. You will be in awe with Meghalaya’s revealing beauty and never want to want to leave. The area provides you with a dozen different spots to visit for sightseeing, you may enjoy the scrumptious cuisine given by the state, and the waterfalls, which are the state’s top tourist attractions, cannot be missed. waterfalls in Meghalaya

No one can deny that this foggy heaven is home to several beautiful waterfalls that have yet to be discovered while on an adventure there. You will fall in love with this location due to its relaxing natural beauty and agreeable weather. Read about some of famous Meghalaya’s waterfalls by scrolling down.

Famous Waterfalls In Meghalaya-

1. ELEPHANT FALLS – The most popular Meghalaya Waterfalls!

Waterfalls In Meghalaya

One of the most well-known waterfalls in the North-East is Shillong’s Elephant Falls, so named because of an elephant-shaped stone at the base of the waterfall. The three tiers of the falls are accessible to the general public from a variety of vantage points, making it a tourist haven.

Elephant Falls, a three-tiered stunning cascade and one of Meghalaya’s most well-known waterfalls, is a natural wonder. The locals call this waterfall, which is near Shillong Peak, “Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew,” which translates to “three step waterfalls.” Shillong’s Elephant Falls, hidden within dense forests, is stunning and furious during the monsoon season, notably from October to December. Because of the enormous boulder that lies at the base of the waterfall and resembles an elephant, the British gave it the name “Elephant Rock.” The rock, however, is no longer there because an earthquake demolished it. This location, which is 12 kilometres outside of Shillong, is frequently visited by both tourists and residents, especially on the weekends.

The first of the three waterfalls is quite large and hidden by the lush forest. Due to falling water levels, the second waterfall contracts to tiny strands of water and is nearly nonexistent in the winter. The third waterfall is the biggest and most obvious, with milky-white water falling over the dark rocks in the background like a sheet. Tourists consider the third waterfall to be the most stunning of the three. Elephant Falls is a great location.

How to reach- Travel by public bus or hail a cab from Police Bazaar or the MTDC bus complex to get to Elephant Falls.

Things to do- Activities at Elephant Falls include photography, hiking, and purchasing souvenirs at the main gate.

2. SEVEN SISTER FALLS- A sight to remember forever!

seven sisters falls

The falls are a collection of numerous smaller falls that combine to make a curtain of water that plunges precipitously from a cliff. The different falls follow different paths and exhibit different forms, offering a variety of mixing water and giving it a lovely face. The sheer cliff’s scenery is breathtaking. Since the Seven Sisters Falls are rain-fed falls, the monsoon, when the streams are filled with rainwater that runs down quickly and forms a permanent rainbow, is the finest time to visit them. Since swimming is not permitted, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the falls from the Mawsmai village viewpoint. Additionally, visitors may see the falls from the Eco Park, which was built on a plateau on the top of the waterfall.

One of Meghalaya’s most beautiful waterfalls, known as Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls, is a seven-step cascade. One of the tallest waterfalls in India, Seven Sisters Falls descends over the limestone cliffs of the Khasi Hills at a height of 1033 feet. Visit this waterfall between July and September to experience the brooks’ full, powerful flow. You will be in awe of the waterfall’s grandeur as it cascades into seven streams amid lush, green surroundings.

Visitors to this area love the Seven Sisters waterfalls because they are simple to get to and offer a serene, pleasant view of the surrounds.

How to reach- To get there, one can hire a can from the Paltan Bazaar in Guwahati or the Police Bazaar in Shillong. Shillong is about a 2-hour drive away.

Things to do- Activities at Seven Sisters Falls include taking in the scenery and having a picnic.

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3. KYNREM FALLS- Holds a breath taking charm!

Kynrem falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in Meghalaya, Kynrem Falls cascades down a hill in three tiers from a height of roughly 305 m. It is advised to only visit the falls during the monsoon season since, like many other waterfalls in the area, the Kynrem Falls only flow in full during these months.

Being one of the tallest waterfall, Kynrem Falls is situated inside Thangkarang Park not far from Cherrapunji. It is ranked as India’s seventh-highest waterfall, cascading through three levels from a height of roughly 1003 feet. Kynrem Falls, which is located in the Khasi Hills’ verdant woodlands, exhibits its mesmerising beauty in the post-monsoon and winter months. Pillar Rock, also known as Shiva Rock, is a popular site in this area. Locally called as Khoh Ramhah or Mothorp, this enormous rock is situated right next to the falls and provides a breathtaking perspective of the Meghalayan plains.

The lookout platform in Thangkharang Park, a tranquil little botanical park with several chairs and picnic spaces, is typically where tourists may obtain the best views of these waterfalls. There is a viewpoint on the road that connects Cherrapunji to the Bangladeshi Border that is located 7 km farther down from Thangkharang and provides yet another breathtaking view of the area.

How to reach- Kynrem Falls is just 12 kilometres away from Cherrapunji. To get to the park, one can take a bus or a cab, and then a 3 to 5 minutes walk down will take you to the waterfall.

Things to do- To hike through the thorny forests and reach the waterfall, hire a local guide. Throughout the hike, take time to observe birds and other wildlife.

4. NOHKALIKAI FALLS – With the gorgeous plunge pool.

Nohkalikai falls

One other stunning waterfall in Meghalaya, Nohkalikai Falls, is situated 7 kilometres away from Cherrapunji. It is India’s tallest plunge waterfall. The water forms a deep plunge pool that is forcefully cascaded down from a lofty height. The water is green in the summer and blue in the winter. One can ascend the stairs to the observation gallery at the top for a bird’s-eye view of the waterfall and the gorgeous plunge pool.

You will love to take this experience, even just arriving to the waterfall. To reach to the location where you can see the entire waterfall from a distance, you must drive through a tableland and then climb for a short distance. It is pure delight just to see it. Through a few flights of steps, there are further view spots. This includes the rich vegetation that surrounds the waterfall as well. For all of you who love nature, this is pure bliss. The Khasi hills’ evergreen forest surrounds the waterfall. You should definitely visit Cherrapunji’s Nohkalikai waterfalls to witness the amazing views.

How to reach – Nohkalikai Falls is around 7 kilometres from Cherrapunji. Rent a cab either from Shillong or directly from Cherrapunji.

Things to do- Purchase locally grown bay leaves and cinnamon sticks from individuals nearby for dirt cheap pricing.

5. DAINTHLEN FALLS – Breathtaking beauty.

Dainthen Falls

One of the most picturesque waterfalls is Dainthlen Falls, which is situated in Sohra, close to Cherrapunji. It is most well-known for its breathtaking scenery. According to legend, the waterfall got its name from a gigantic serpent that formerly called a cave nearby home. Because of its destructive propensity, the locals killed this enormous snake. The most breathtaking beauty that can be witnessed from the viewing gallery is the vision of water rushing down with full force.

One of the most impressive views you will see is Dainthlen, a roaring waterfall that pierces the tough rocks and the high plateau of Sohra before tumbling into lush vegetation. For the Khasi people, it is also a key location culturally.

You can navigate the stony, pot-holed river bed leading to the falls during the drier seasons. The perspective is located on either side of the falls, allowing you to admire the beauty of nature up close while remaining secure behind a railing. You’ll appreciate walking about Dainthlen’s surroundings as well. As you navigate the gentle grassy hills and dips, there are numerous surprises in store, from stray cows to unusual birds.

How to reach- Drive from Shillong to Sohra to get to Dainthlen Falls. The journey there will take roughly an hour.

Things to do- Enjoy the tranquilly of the location.

6. LANGSHIANG FALLS – Hidden charm of Meghalaya.  (MEGHALAYA TOURISM)

Langshiang Falls are created when River Kynshi cascades down the west Khasi Hills. A lesser-known waterfall, Langshiang is one of Meghalaya’s largest cascades and is situated close to Nongstoin, amidst the thick Sangriang forest. This water fall, known as “kshaid Ur-Nar” locally, is endowed with refreshing beauty and offers mesmerising beauty of the green hills and nearby hamlets. From Mawpon village, Langshiang Falls is also plainly seen.

One of the nicest panoramic views of the region, surrounded by other hamlets, and the village of Mawpon is included in this view. Many waterfalls may be found in the Langchong area.

Tourists can spend their ideal vacations there because of the surrounding picturesque splendour. When the river has enough of water and is flowing, the monsoon season is the perfect time to visit Langshiang Falls. The surrounding flora, rocky outcroppings, sound of rushing water, and expansive views seen from the falls are a visual treat.

How to reach- The distance from Nongkhnum to Shillong is 93 kilometres. The distance from Nongkhnum to the waterfall is roughly 18 kilometres. To get there, take a cab from Shillong and travel through Mairang and Nongkhnum.

Things to do – Trekking up to the adjoining Nongkhnum river island is among the things to do at Langshiang Falls.

7. PHE PHE FALLS- Beauty among the hidden ways.

Phe Phe falls

Phe Phe waterfall, also known as paradise fall  is encircled by verdant hills on all sides. It is situated next to the tiny community of Jarain in the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. This location, which is a short distance from Krangsuri Falls, was unknown to the public until a few months ago. This is due to the fact that these falls, which are a hidden gem of Meghalaya, are not featured on the regular tourist trips.

The Phe Phe Fall is more thrilling because of its location. This location has become a popular tourist destination in Meghalaya due to its spectacular beauty against a backdrop of varying tones of blue sky and a stretch of hills. The two-tiered waterfall that plunges into the aquamarine pool of water makes for an ideal photo opportunity.

You may travel to the Phe Phe waterfall from the campgrounds.
The waterfall is reachable in about 30 minutes.
Trekking will take you past stunning scenery, untamed flora, and tranquil lakes. To get to the campground’s other side, you can also rent a kayak to cross the stream. You will discover the carnivorous plant—the uncommon pitcher plants—that you have already read about in your science books.

How to Reach – If you plan to travel from Shillong by public transportation, first go to Jowai, which is around 60 KM away. From there, you can use shared cars. Although Jowai is closer, the fall is really located on the road that connects Jowai and Dawki. Therefore, get to Jowai and then board a shared vehicle headed towards Jarain. You will still be able to view the campsite because it is situated on the side of the road. From there, it’s a quick stroll or hike downward to the actual fall.

Things to do- Phe Phe Falls offers a wide range of sights and activities. This location is ideal if you’re looking for solitude. Without a doubt, this location is a paradise to discover. Some of the best things to do at Phe Phe Waterfalls include camping beside the river, river kayaking, and trekking to the falls.

8. WEINIA FALLS- Hidden treasure of Meghalaya.

One of Meghalaya’s many undiscovered gems is the Weinia Falls, which plunges from a height of about 1,000 feet. In addition to the impressive falls, the relatively untamed and remote natural setting appeals to outdoor lovers and anyone seeking some peace and quiet away from the crowds.
The Kynshi River swells during the monsoon season and the months that follow, causing the falls’ roar to be audible from a great distance away. Due to the double-arched bridge in the background and the spray from the Weinia Falls’ pool, which covers the entire valley, the scene is unusual. You can follow the water’s flow on a trail erected on the falls’ side for visitors.

You must travel to the enchanted Nongkhnum River Island, where the swiftly flowing Kynshi River divides into two, in order to reach this place. The island has a tonne of additional attractions, such as a beautiful river beach. If you are coming from Shillong, it is advised to set out early. Alternatively, you can base yourself at the nearby town of Nongstoin for a more thorough exploration of the West Khasi Hills.

How to Reach- Start early if you are in Shillong and from main town, you will easily find taxis or other means that would take you to the location. If you have your own car, there is nothing other than just enjoyment!

Things to do- Appreciate the natural beauty and relax.

9. KRANG SURI FALLS- Several tints of blue.

Krang suri falls

Krang Suri Falls are also one of the most stunning and enchanted waterfalls. This natural wonder is renowned for its breathtaking vistas, which help many people feel less worn out. This waterfall, which is located in the Amlaren Civil Sub Division, is decorated with walks made of chiselled and graveling stones, enormous overlooks from which one may take in the breathtaking splendour, and lush vegetation with thousands of different colours of green.

The stones used to carve these footpaths come in a variety of colours that the artisans selected. Since no cement has been used to keep them intact, the placement of these is symmetrical, allowing one to see the real hues.
It is without a doubt the most enchanted waterfall you will ever see. The tourist trail is shut off at Krang Suri. It takes some time to travel there from Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, which is situated in the Jaintia hills.

Sunshine and glistening blue waves are a blessing for Krang Suri. Occasionally, a rainbow is known to form from this potent concoction of nature. This pool in the paradise of nature is undoubtedly wonderful.

How to reach – Krang Suri Falls are in Jowai; here is information on how to get there. Shillong is about 65 kilometres away from Jowai. A number of cabs are available to cover the distance between the two.

Things to do – enjoy the stunning views and click amazing pictures.

10. Rainbow Falls- The place you need to be.

Rainbow Falls

With its breathtaking beauty and mesmerising tranquilly, this fall is one of the greatest natural treasures that man has ever seen. You will go completely crazy. You might love going on a hike to discover new locations and secluded natural wonders. The rainbows that are reflected by the sun’s beams as they strike the rocks add to the fall’s allure.

Located close to the Nongriat Village, Rainbow Waterfalls is a well-known but peaceful waterfall that is around 18 kilometres from Cherrapunjee. It can only be reached by hiking, and it’s about 3 kilometres from Nongriat’s Double Decker Root Bridge.

Because it is solely for those who can work for it, it is nonetheless very clean and lovely. But in all honesty, it is one of Meghalaya’s most beautiful waterfalls.

How to reach- From Guwahati, reach Shillong. You can either drive, or take a bus or taxi easily available here. From Shillong book a taxi and reach Sohra.

Things to do- Enjoy the picturesque location and breathe in the fresh and bless your eyes with the natural hues.


  1. How can I reach the waterfalls in Meghalaya?

    You can reach most waterfalls in Meghalaya by road. Shillong is the nearest major city, and from there, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to access these natural wonders.

  2. Is it safe to swim in the waterfalls in Meghalaya?

    Swimming in some waterfalls can be risky due to strong currents and slippery rocks. It’s essential to follow safety guidelines and inquire with locals or authorities about safe swimming spots.

  3. What is the best time to visit Meghalaya’s waterfalls?

    The best time to visit Meghalaya’s waterfalls is during the monsoon season, from June to September, when they are at their most spectacular due to heavy rainfall. However, accessibility may be challenging during this time.

  4. Are there any entry fees or permits required to visit these waterfalls?

    Some waterfalls in Meghalaya may have entry fees or require permits, while others do not. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or tourism offices for the latest information on entry requirements and fees before visiting.

  5. What are the most famous waterfalls in Meghalaya?

    Some of the popular waterfalls in Meghalaya include Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, and Elephant Falls.

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