10 Must-Visit Monasteries Of Sikkim You’ll Regret Not Visiting!

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Sikkim is especially unique! One of the tourists’ top attractions, peace, and harmony are breathed in here and people coexist peacefully. Mountains croon legendary tales. And among them are the ancient monasteries, which are filled with sanctified hymns. These Buddhist Sikkim Monasteries are unique due to their rich history as well as their picturesque surroundings and alpine-like aroma. Be in awe of these monasteries for their exquisite architecture, long history, and breathtaking settings.

Most of Buddhist monasteries of sikkim are dispersed throughout the state’s length and breadth, perched above the mountains. The majority of these monasteries of sikkim, which date primarily from the 17th and 18th centuries, are still standing today but are weakened by the passage of time and the elements.

Monasteries Of Sikkim


Dubdi Monastery

One of the well-known monasteries in Sikkim is Dubdi, which dates all the way back to 1701. This monastery, which is a part of the Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism, is situated in a beautiful hilltop setting. Every traveller looking for Sikkim’s top attractions must visit the charming monastery, which is guarded by a treacherous path and a mountainous landscape.

These stunning sculptures, which stand at a height of 6,900 metres, depict three lamas. The monastery’s two-story stone construction is quite lovely, and on top of the roof is a bell-shaped building called Gyaltshen that is notable for its location.

Yuksom lies 3 miles away from Dubdi Monastery. A shared Jeep or public bus that leave from Geyzing or Pelling can take you to Yuksom. Nearly two hours separate these locations from Yuksom. To get to the monastery, one can also hail a cab on their own. From Siliguri and Bagdogra, one can travel to Pelling and Geyzing. These two cities have excellent connections to important Indian cities.

ENCHEY MONASTERY (Famous Monastery In Sikkim)

Enchey Monastery

The Enchey Monastery, which has been around for 200 years, is three kilometres northeast of Gangtok. The name Enchey, which means “solitary,” is appropriately justified given its position. The monastery is a part of the Vajrayana Nyingma school of Buddhism. The splendour of nature greatly enhances the setting. Every year, the monastery has special prayers during the lunar month, which occurs between January and February according to the Tibetan calendar.

Special features includes the Chaam a religious dance performed by performers wearing masks during lunar month festivals. Enchey Monastery is accessible via taxi from Gangtok City; the trip takes 10 minutes.


The Kartok Monastery, which is situated across from Kartok Lake, is a source of pride for Yuksom hamlet. Thousands of tourists come to admire this red-colored beauty in the northeast. The exteriors of the monasteries are covered in designs in yellow and gold that resemble Tibetan architecture. One of Yuksom’s most visited attractions, Kartok is a wonderful combination with Dubdi and Ngadak Monastery. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the slow chanting, fluttering prayer flags, and the stunning Lake Kartok adjacent make it an amazing sight.

Kartok Lake, the breathtaking scenery surrounding the monastery, and the fossils close to the lake are special attractions. How to get to Kartok Monastery: Yuksom is conveniently located near Pelling and Geyzing


Monasteries of Sikkim

About 20 kilometres from Gangtok in East Sikkim is the Lingdum Monastery. One of the well-known monasteries in Sikkim is the monastery because Bollywood filmmakers frequently use it as a shooting site. The newest of the monasteries, Lingdum, also known as Ranka Monastery, was finished in 1998. The monastery is the ideal setting for some quiet time in the presence of divine intervention. The monastery, like other monasteries in Sikkim, is truly a photographer’s paradise because it is surrounded by forested mountains.

Prayer wheels near the parking lot, a masked dance during Losar, the Tibetan new year, Banjhakri Waterfall, and Rumtek Monastery, a different monastery in East Sikkim, are among the special features. How to Get There: A Private Vehicle Can Easily Get To Lingdum Monastery.


Pemayangtse Monastery

To enjoy Pemayangtse Monastery in a splendor plan a journey between March and June. One of Sikkim’s oldest still-standing monasteries, it is visited year-round by tourists. Pemayangtse, which means Perfect Sublime Lotus, is a flourishing location under a clear blue sky. The Tibetan themes and patterns on the walls and pillars make the monastery’s interiors stand out.

The 300-year-old monastery is the ideal setting for indulging in some soul-searching, prayers, and meditation. Your visit to one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim will be made valuable by the impressive architecture, breathtaking mountains in the background, and hospitable Buddhist devotees inside the temple.

You can easily travel to Pemayangtse Monastery in a taxi by taking the direct 110 km route from Pelling and Gangtok. The 2-km walk from Pelling to the monastery is also an option.


Phodong Monastery

Phodong Monastery, also known as Phodong Khenpa Rinchen Palbar Trulku, is located in the North Sikkim district, about 35 kilometers from the capital city of Gangtok. It belongs to the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded in the early 18th century by the Chogyal of Sikkim, who invited the famous Tibetan lama, Latsun Chempo, to establish the monastery.

Phodong Monastery is home to around 300 monks and is known for its beautiful murals and thangkas (painted or embroidered Tibetan Buddhist banners).

RUMTEK MONASTERY (Largest Monasteries Of Sikkim)

Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery, also known as the Dharmachakra Centre, is located in the East Sikkim district, about 24 kilometers from Gangtok. It belongs to the Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded in the mid-20th century by the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. Rumtek Monastery is the largest monastery in Sikkim and is home to around 500 monks. It is known for its beautiful architecture and is an important centre for the study and practice of Buddhism. Rumtek is one the largest monasteries of sikkim


Tashiding Monastery of sikkim

Tashiding Monastery, also known as Tashiding Datshang, is located in the West Sikkim district, about 45 kilometers from Pelling. It belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded in the early 18th century by the Chogyal of Sikkim. Tashiding Monastery is home to around 200 monks and is known for its beautiful murals and thangkas. The monastery is an important center for the study and practice of Buddhism and is also a popular tourist destination due to its peaceful surroundings and stunning views of the Himalayan mountains.


Tsuklakhang Monastery

Tsuklakhang Monasteries of Sikkim, also known as Tsuklakhang Palace Monastery, is located in the capital city of Gangtok. It belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded in the early 20th century by the Chogyal of Sikkim. Tsuklakhang Monastery is home to around 100 monks and is known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings. The monastery is an important center for the study and practice of Buddhism and is also a popular tourist destination.


Ralang Monastery

Ralang Monastery, also known as Ralang Datshang, is located in the South Sikkim district, about 20 kilometers from Namchi. It belongs to the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded in the early 18th century by the Chogyal of Sikkim. Ralang Monastery is home to around 300 monks and is known for its beautiful murals and thangkas. The monastery also has a large collection of Buddhist scriptures and is an important center for the study and practice of Buddhism and one of the famous monasteries of sikkim

Located in the Himalayan region, these monasteries are not only important centers of Buddhist practice and learning but also serve as popular tourist destinations due to their stunning architecture and peaceful surroundings.


  1. How many monasteries are there in Sikkim?

    In Sikkim, there are more than 200 monasteries. There are numerous other monasteries here that merit equal attention to the other Sikkim tourist attractions even though they are not listed in the list of Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim provided here. One of them is the famed Phensang Monastery.

  2. Which is the oldest monasteries of Sikkim?

    The oldest monastery in Sikkim is Dubdi Monastery.

  3. Which is the biggest monasteries of Sikkim?

    The vast Ralang Monastery is thought to be Sikkim’s largest monastery. The largest monasteries, according to some records, appear to be Rumtek near Gangtok and Pemayangtse Monastery near Pelling. So it’s difficult to be specific without a lot of factual material.

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